Fine art images by Taylor & Porter.  Location Endsleigh Hotel.

Full Styled Wedding Service

Working in collaboration with you to design and plan all the floral aspects of your wedding day and how this can link with your existing styling plans.  From large scale arrangements to delicate buttonholes this service enables you to delve deeper into floral styling and the creative side of your wedding.  Visiting the flower garden at Duchy of Cornwall Nursery will give you the insight into how our flowers are grown, take time to look at our vessels that we can offer you for your day and experience the beauty that is our ribbon box!  Consultations and a visit to the flower garden, delivery and installation with an option to book our breakdown service.  This full floral customised service starts from £1500.

I have compiled this form to act as a starting point for your forthcoming phone consultation.  At this stage you may not be able to answer all the questions but please fill in what you can.

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couples names
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time of reception
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