Becca and Maz are the creative duo behind the garden gate flower company.  Their passion for design and creating beautiful events is coupled with the unique approach to seasonality.  Their flowers are organically grown on Becca's family farm near Fowey, in Cornwall.  They use carefully chosen, beautiful flowers to design the perfect arrangements which reflect the seasons and your style.   Because they grow their own, the flowers and foliage they use are always 'just picked'.  They can grow unusual and delicate flowers you just can't find 'on-the-high-street'.  They are always interested in hearing your ideas and weaving these together with the flowers to create individual, natural, wild and wonderful arrangements for weddings across Cornwall and beyond.



Image credits in order; - Taylor & porter, d'arcy benincosa, taylor & porter, d'arcy benincosa, taylor & porter, d'arcy benincosa, d'arcy benincosa & Imogen Xiana.