A 1:1 Class at The Garden Gate Flower Company

We have been delighted and a little overwhelmed by the response to our one to one classes!  Maz and I have both enjoyed teaching these and having a more personal approach to the areas in which each individual strives to learn. 

Last month we welcomed Fenella on to a one to one course; she wanted us to help her create her daughter-in-law's bridal bouquet.  This bouquet had to travel in a box, on a train to London...something Fenella kept quiet until the morning she came to us but I'm pleased to say all went very smoothly!

Our dear friends, Fine Art Film Photographers, Taylor & Porter joined us to capture Fenella's journey.

Credit: all images by Fine Art Film Photographers Taylor & Porter

All our one to one courses are run at our farm and include a home made lunch by Penny.  We are now taking bookings for our autumn classes.

I will hand you over now to Fenella who has kindly offered to share with you her experience: -

When my stepson and his bride  announced their wedding I enthusiastically jumped in at the deep end and said, 'I will'!
Then the reality of making sure I exceeded a Bride and Grooms expectations on their most special of days set in.  Having previously attended the Dutch Masters Course at The Garden Gate Flower Company I called Becca and Maz. Lucky for me,  they were running a one on one Master Class.  To be able to create a bespoke bouquet with locally grown flowers, foliage and cuttings from my our garden with the guidance and support of two passionate designers was the reassurance I needed. 

The day was amazing, Becca and Maz are exceptionally talented and so very generous in sharing their techniques, expertise and sheer joy and passion for creating beautiful arrangements.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of fresh home baked bread and delicious soup and talked flowers and arranging.

Just blissful for me being in the company of such giving creative spirits.

Despite one near bag crushing incident on the London Train  I managed to deliver the florals safely to London and make my contribution to our lasting family memories at an incredible wedding!

All I need now is another excuse to call them again!