BBC 2 Kate Humble Back to the Land

Featured on BBC 2 Kate Humble Back to the Land

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It was our last wedding of 2017.  September weddings are usually our favourite.  A sunny day in Autumn is the best in Cornwall and roses, dahlia's and autumn foliage rule in the garden. 

Last year Kate and Tom were getting married at the lovely Fowey Hall, overlooking the pretty fishing port of Fowey, just down the road from our flower farm. 

It was a bit unusual for us as we had a film crew following us around for to record the process of picking and arranging their flowers.  Filming is way harder than it looks!

So we spent Friday picking and arranging with the crew from 7 Wonder Productions trailing behind us.  We did a bit of everything that day, from sowing hardy annuals to ironing ribbons for the bride's bouquet. 

On Saturday morning we were up early to deliver the flowers.  The team at Fowey Hall are really lovely and let us use their library to prepare the final flourish to the table arrangements and also make us coffee.  

Tom and his groomsmen were nervously waiting until it was time to leave for the church so Becca took the opportunity to pin on their boutonnieres.  Their smart blue suits were the perfect choice for Fowey in Autumn. 

All ribboned up, we delivered the bouquet to Kate and her showed the bridesmaids their flowers.  The moment the bride gets her bouquet there is nearly always a bit emotional and it is a real joy to be there to see her reaction.  We love our job and hope that we can make a tiny contribution to making a really important day all the more special. 

So! All this got filmed and last night, more seven months later, we nervously watched as Kate Humble dived for seaweed and helped out with baby ducks before we had our little slot on Back to the Land. This was the first time we had seen the film and we are really proud to be part of a Cornish small business revival.

The program showcased a range of small rural businesses in Cornwall.  We are all so remote from one and other it was really positive to see how we do all experience similar issues - often relating to the weather! 

We are also part of a bigger British Flower movement that offers local and seasonal flowers as a more natural and sustainable alternative to imported and mass produced flowers. The lovely thing is that each region and each grower/florist/floral designer has their own style and character and this makes each bouquet unique.  Flowers specific to the growing conditions, the place and the time of year perfectly compliment the landscape and atmosphere of the wedding or event.  We invest our creative energy and time in choosing and growing the flowers we love and hope that our 'tailor made' approach can provide something special for all of our customers. 

It was a fantastic to be on the BBC with Kate Humble - we couldn't have imaged this happening when we first started out.  We are also really grateful to Kate and Tom, and their lovely families, for letting us be a bigger part of their day than they might have imagined, and hope they have some happy memories to look back on too! 

Our garden photographed in Spring by Britt Willoughby Dyer


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