July in a Leach Pottery Bowl

July Compote Styling

July, until this week, has been relatively calm....weatherwise that is!!!  Wedding wise it's been hectic.  

Grabbing moments in amongst a busy wedding month to gather flowers from the garden and try out new combinations in these bowls have been really inspiring.  It's funny how a creative boost can be found from simple things like a new vase!  

Leach Pottery

These bowls have the Dolomite glaze which is a soft grey blue.  They have worked really well with Spring colours and now leading into summer they look great with all the dahlias in those light tones.  I should add that Maz can finally chalk up a win....she offically has me liking ferns!  (Still don't want so many in my own garden though!).  

July wedding table inspiration with low bowl arrangement.

July wedding table inspiration with low bowl arrangement.

Floristry Class

Looking on to autumn this Snow glaze, which was commissioned for our Sarah Winward A Summer Study Course, is going to be perfect for all those burnt tones and seed heads.  We are already plotting a new colour to be released next spring along with an exciting new workshop - which we will share news of in the coming months!

July inspiration for wedding flowers on tables.

July inspiration for wedding flowers on tables.

Wedding Couples Shout Out: -

For our 2018 couples we will be offering these bowls as part of our 'styled service package'.  If you would like to discuss the design concept of your wedding day and how each supplier links to your overall brief please feel free to email us and ask for more information on our 'Wedding Curation & Design' which is due to be launched soon! 

Floral designers and Studio Pottery Lovers: - 

We are excited to launching an Online Shop soon - our Dolomite (grey blue) bowl will be available to purchase in a medium & small size.  Shipping is UK only.