The Roses Have Arrived

It's always one of the biggest, if not THE biggest highlight's of our garden - the day the roses arrive.  

This year sees our business reach five years old and still over the five years roses have been our ultimate desire.  The experience of the first sniff of the first rose always seems like the strongest and it's impossible not to smile.  Roses make us smile....a lot!

Laid out in long rows with with irrigation and guide wires for unruly branches the roses are hugged by drifts of autumn sown nigella.  

Picking is a delight, arranging more so!  So, last week having got back from France we dashed up to the farm, squealed a lot, then spent a day creating and photographing.   I promise not each day is like this....mainly it's back breaking manual work and more emails that we know what to do with.  But that day we ignored everything apart from the roses.

Enjoy x 

We are now taking booking for June 2017 weddings.  

On Sunday 11 September we will be opening our garden for couples getting married in 2017.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to see where your flowers are grown, browse the different vessels that could be used for your wedding and see examples of our work up close.  If you are interested in joining us please email us as visiting will be strictly by appointment.