What our students say...

Its been an amazing year of teaching our 1:1 classes  and we want to thank all our students that joined us and hope that their floral paths are starting to fall into place.  We have had the pleasure of sharing our flower farm with people from all over the UK, Europe and even as far as Australia and Canada. 

Taking a 1:1 class at the farm gives you a real insight into growing and arranging with British flowers.  we work at your pace through the day and focus on your needs.  we love nothing more than to show you around the garden, pick the flowers together, talk about running a floral business and we always allow time for documenting your work in one of our barns!   

we are delighted to be offering our 1:1 courses again through the winter months and right up until the end of March'16.   If you are interested in arranging a course please email us at thegardengateflowercompany@gmail.com

We'll leave you with a few lovely testimonials from our previous students... 

Image by Imogen Xiana

Image by Imogen Xiana

"I Just wanted to take a minute to thank you both (well all 4 of you) for our lovely visit to your delightful spot in Cornwall. As time passes I'm trying to absorb all we experienced. Your personalities and talents were fun to observe first hand. I enjoyed walking through your flower beds, experiencing ROSES the way I've only dreamed of them up close and personal, watching your artistry as you designed and as you interacted, and just listening to you talk about the life of flower farmers in the UK. 

I learned much during my one on one. I learned the importance of foliage and I'm working on that regularly now that I'm home.  Your encouragement and comments were helpful but just watching you create your bouquet and compote and hearing you explain the whole process of wedding work was so helpful.  And it was fun to take pictures with you in your space and see you in action there. 

Penny, thank you for the delicious lunch you prepared and thank you for taking the time to sit down and share it with us. The meal and the conversations were delightful!

And it's so much more fun to follow you on instagram now that I've visited and seen the sweet spots where you work...."

"I had a totally lovely day, learned a lot from you about your technique and about outside in the garden..."

Image by Imogen Xiana

Image by Imogen Xiana

Image by Imogen Xiana

Image by Imogen Xiana

"As a garden designer who also runs a floral design business, I love the idea of arranging British flowers seasonally and in ways that they might naturally combine in the garden.  When I first came across The Garden Gate Flower Company, I was immediately struck by the way that they embrace the beauty and individual quirkiness found in our flowers and create arrangements that enable appreciation of each individual component – each flower, the bend in a branch and the seed head after the petals have fallen.  The overall appearance is amazing but each element is as important as the next and each is visible in its own right. I’d been trained to design flowers in a very different manner and was keen to relax my technique and to embrace this wonderful style.  A one-to-one session at their farm seemed to be the best way to understand their approach.

Becca and Maz make it all look so easy, so natural and so effortless.  The flowers appear as if they’ve grown in their hands and the natural movement of stems, quirky flower angles and windswept foliage look comfortable.  However, it’s not easy and they are masters of the craft!  Their one-to-one workshops are a chance to see up-close their methods of choosing flowers, of combining colours and of seeing the textures come together.  Private time to see their farm and to see what they have achieved on a fairly modest scale – albeit with the most atmospheric and camera-loving buildings, a sea view (and totally delicious cake!) – is a few hours very well spent.  I would highly recommend these sessions to understand the possibilities of working with a freshly picked, totally homegrown palette.

They are patient tutors and are so willing to share their experience and their creative ideas that you can’t help but come away inspired to use British ingredients in a way that befits their natural beauty!"