Autumn calm

Hands down our favourite month is September. 

There is a calm that has descended over the garden, the manic compulsion to keep on top of the spring weeding is a distant memory (sort of!).  The garden is a clash of colour and it's entirely possible to achieve a high summer celebration or an autumn cosiness to an arrangement by just swapping over a few stems.  This play with colour and texture is what we enjoy most. 

taking a moment out of what is a very busy September to create some autumn table inspiration I'm suddenly reminded that in full bridal season we don't play very much.  but stealing an hour in the day to walk amongst the flowers (resisting like mad to not get distracted by something - irrigation issues, deadheading, pests, planning....stop it....concentrate!) we quietly worked away at creating urn arrangements.

It's funny how you can see one flower in the garden that is the one that dictates your entire design.  sometimes it works and other times it becomes more of a mission than it should have but I find at this time of year it's rarely a problem.  Maz said today 'with so many beautiful flowers to choose from it's hard to make a bad arrangement' and she is right; we are totally spoilt right now. 

So here you have it the results of a quiet couple of hours.

Enjoy x