Sharing our garden with Sarah Winward

Being a gardener / florist (we still don't know what the right / correct term is for us!) we spend endless days in our own world, head down in the flower beds and only really leaving our patch to head off site at a clients request.  However in the world of social media we travel heaps; we are always hanging out on various American's Instragram feeds, soaking up their creations and where their clients may take them.  Sarah Winward has such a free, romantic style and her creations always make us pause when they come up in our feed. 

We promise we try not to stalk people....but when we knew that Sarah would be on the same island as us we couldn't pass up an opportunity to meet.  Cornwall can be a bit off the beaten track for travellers entering our beautiful country but with so many pretty villages, rolling countryside, breath-taking coastline and beautiful gardens it's certainly worth a weekend visit. 

Meeting Sarah and showing her around our growing patch was one of the highlights of our summer and seeing her pick things from our garden that most of the time we overlook was a real eye-opener.... who would have thought Lupin seed pods could look so good in an arrangement!

We will leave you with some beautiful fine art film photographs of the day which were captured by our friend, Louise from Taylor & Porter.

All images by Taylor & Porter Fine Art Film Photography