September Wedding

hands down September is our biggest wedding month and the only other month that comes close to it is May.  Which do we prefer?... September every time! The garden is literally bursting with flowers and the foliage is starting to turn a whole spectrum of autumnal tones.  the promise of calmer autumn days after hit-and-miss Cornish summer sunshine is a welcomed relief.  you can embrace the cosy knits and gasp at how warm it is... in the sun...out of the breeze....brilliant! 

this wedding, on the first weekend in September, made us wonder at times if anyone one else ever thought to get married on another date and why was the 5th September so popular?!   we had 10 (actually it may have been more but I stopped counting at 10!) enquires and we do hope that everyone who got married on that day also enjoyed a perfect autumn day like Anna-marie & Dominic.    

Just an additional point to add however - June if you didn't already know is a great month to be married in our roses are the bomb! (just saying!).

all images by fine art film photographer Taylor & porter