super stylin' ... with port, pears and cheese?

Yes, I have used this before, but well, its a good one and i've got stitches in my hand, and my brain doesn't work, alright (I just wrote 'my brian' ... see what I mean?) ! Enter The Dance and all that, I love that video ... However, We have not been practicing our dance moves at the farm, but putting together some nice pictures of flowers and table settings, incidental still-life style corners.  Here they are.  We love rare days like these, when we have more time and flowers than we need, and a few hours just to mess around.  

It is the middle of September and there are plums, pears, blackberries, and apples all over the place.  Whilst tasting quite nice they are also very beautiful, so we sought to capture the bloom that makes a deep red plum look like there is moonlight touching its skin, and the russet texture of conference pears and the ochre colour particular to it. Contrasted with the translucent elegance of rosepetals, the ruffles of cafe-au-lait dahlias and the turn in the season reflected in flushed pink spindle leaves, we set up a nice supper table for two, with port and blue cheese.  Autumn visits at night in September, cool cosy evenings and warm summer days that are calm and serene.  Its like getting home form work and putting on your most comfy slippers.  In the garden the flowers are at their peak, we've had a good season and the plants are pretty much looking after themselves for now. We can all relax a little and take the time to plan for next year.  

Oh, we did have a wedding too.  Autumn is the absolute best time for flowers.  Early autumn weddings are so beautiful.   We used Silk and Willow's ribbons in gold and cream hues to set off the glow you get in the flowers and foliage right now.  It just sits right with the light too.  Antique gold coloured dressed would be fantastic...