Taking some time...

I'm feeling today like all I want to do is sit on the sofa, eat every type of food in the house that I know is bad for me and look at pretty pictures on Instagram! 

August is a funny month, everything builds up to the summer, all the hard grafting in the garden, all the bridal consultations, all the tending too small seedlings, all the marketing and social media and now, just now, I'm (and I think it's fair to say Maz too...hope that's ok Maz?..) a little bit knackered!  Don't get me wrong I love it and fully embrace the flower life and even my four year old thinks about flowers as he goes to bed to stop himself having nightmares - how cute.  But like our garden we never sit still, I'm always looking to what I / we could do better, how the garden could work more efficiently, wondering what will be the popular next year, asking ourselves endless 'what if' questions....



August for us is also about balancing work with family - this year we got organised with a large selection of mountain bikes at the farm and my step dad fashioned a great rope swing in the corn barn - all of which has given us a bit of extra time to get into the flower field.  We have also been lucky as the weather this summer has been kind to us and ultimately the kids so they have been happy to all traipse off and find their own adventures on the farm.

 It's easy with this job to permanently have one foot in the next season and some day's that is exciting and all I can think about - but so often I don't get a chance to reflect on what we have achieved, stop and soak it in for a bit, take time to remember the teary smiles from last months bridal bouquets, or the surprised look when you deliver a bouquet to a stranger. 

So I'm going to put the kettle on and just enjoy looking back at some of this seasons creations and try very hard not to think about next year....or look through the seed catalogue...just for now enjoy what has passed and what is now! 

P.S next year we are definitely going to find room in the garden for one of these....not that I'm planning or anything!!!!!

140816 - GG - wedding flowers 074.JPG