From autumn 2019 I will opening my new Duchy Garden up for 121 classes. Join me at The Garden Gate Flower Company cutting garden and have a personally tailored class to your particular needs.

The new cutting garden is nestled in the heart of the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery located in the ancient town of Lostwithiel. With far reaching views across to the medieval castle this is a beautiful location to learn or enhance your floral skills.

Previous students have chosen to learn the art of colour blending, creating hand-tied bouquets that break the mould of traditional round balls, large scale installation work, alternative options to hair crowns, growing the right flowers for bridal work, successional planting, managing a cutting garden and so much more!

I am happy to work with your brief and help you with your floral journey.  Start your class with a tour around the cutting garden and in-season you can pick your own flowers that you would like to work with.

Images by Britt Willoughby Dyer

We will finish the day with tips and advice on styling and creating beautiful images for your portfolio.

Images by Imogen Xiana

Images by Taylor & Porter 

Offering a limited number of dates for these classes so early booking is essential.

Prices from £480. The class price is per person and includes all your materials and a light lunch in the Duchy of Cornwall Cafe. 

Classes will run from 9.30am - 2.30pm on an agreed date and I am happy to book multiple day courses for more in-depth learning.

To arrange a 1:1 class please email your interest to:

Please do not bring your dog(s) with you as we will be on Duchy of Cornwall property.

A lovely email from Linda after her 1:1 class in 2015: 

'Just wanted to take a minute to thank you both (well all 4 of you) for our lovely visit to your delightful spot in Cornwall. As time passes I'm trying to absorb all we experienced. Roy and I both will often laugh about something that was said or done during our visit. Your personalities and talents were fun to observe first hand. I enjoyed walking through your flower beds, experiencing ROSES the way I've only dreamed of them up close and personal, watching your artistry as you designed and as you interacted, and just listening to you talk about the life of flower farmers in the UK. 

I learned much during my one on one. I learned the importance of foliage and I'm working on that regularly now that I'm home. While I don't have roses, I'm trying to get a lower profile in my bouquets and working to get that loose natural look using my dahlias. Your encouragement and comments were helpful but just watching you create your bouquet and compote and hearing you explain the whole process of wedding work was so helpful. I plan to take fewer weddings next year and only those that fit the style I like and am comfortable with. I will also work on my website and facebook this winter so it better reflects what I like to do. Your website is wonderful! I had looked at it before but really studied it after we returned. I know that's a lot of work for both of you, but it really is one of the best out there I think. And it was fun to take pictures with you in your space and see you in action there. 

Penny, thank you for the delicious lunch you prepared and thank you for taking the time to sit down and share it with us. The meal and the conversations were delightful! And it was good meeting you, Chris and Roy enjoyed chatting with you as well. 

And it's so much more fun to follow you on instagram now that I've visited and seen the sweet spots where you work.

So, thank you for sharing your time, your talents, your workspace and so much more.  So from both Roy and me, thank you thank you and we wish you well in all you do in Cornwall and beyond.'